No Deposit Fees

TriumphFX will waive our clients from Telegraphic Transfer / Wire Transfer Intermediary Bank Charges depends on the amount of fund transferred.

For any deposit equivalent or above 500.00 USD, TriumphFX Cyprus will reimburse the Intermediary Bank Charges. Regardless however, all Local Bank Charges inccured by the sending bank will not be reimbursed.

Example 1: Local Bank Charges paid upfront

A client deposited 500.00 USD through Wire Transfer. The Local Bank charged a 10.00 USD. The client has paid Local Bank Charges and the fund is transferred as is. The fund 500.00 USD is transferred as is from sending bank. The Intermediary Banks charged another 30.00 USD. Deposits received by TriumphFX Cyprus will be 470.00 USD.

After verification that the client has deposited 500.00 USD, our Account Department will waive the Intermediary Bank Charges of 30.00 USD and reimburse back to client's trading account. Client will get a total of 500.00 USD after reimbursement.

For any deposit that equals USD 500.00 or more, TriumphFX Cyprus will waive charges for Telegraphic Transfer, Wire Transfer and Intermediary Bank Charges.