No Dealer Intervention

When trading with a standard dealing desk the prices client see might not represent the actual prices in the market.
This is due to our liquidity provider is a single dealing desk, you probably are not aware.

At TriumphFX Cyprus, , there won’t be any intervention with your trades and no requotes will be ever served to you.

Prices are aggregated from several independent liquidity providers. TriumphFX Cyprus's liquidity providers are world renowned top tier Banks banks and financial institutions. Vast number of liquidity providers ensures that the prices you see on our platform reflect the broader market and you receive the best available bid and best available bid and ask prices because each price feed competes against the rest.

This allows you to have access to instantly executable rates. Your orders will be automatically filled from the No Dealing Desk price feed at the best available bid and ask prices from all of our liquidity providers. Additionally, your orders are anonymous to the liquidity providers and your stops limits, or entry orders, are not visible.